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Tell me more about Mayu

What is the Mayu return policy?
Our goal is to ensure that all customers are satisfied. We will accept returns of products (excluding sale items) within 7 days of receipt. Customers will be responsible for return shipping costs. We will NOT accept accessories that have been worn, used, snagged or damaged and Mayu reserves the right to reject any returns that we feel fall into this category. Please allow two weeks for your account to be credited. 

When will I receive my Mayu order? 
All orders are processed within 24 hours and they are sent via USPS Priority Mail. So, they should arrive within 3-5 days after the initial order is made. If you need it quicker, just let us know!  We do send internationally. Email info@shopmayu.com before you place your order for shipping rates.

Does Mayu accept special orders?
If there is something that you really want made, please contact us with your request (additional charges may apply).

What is an Alpaca and why is its fiber so great?
Alpacas are native to the South American Andean regions of Peru and Bolivia. Yes, you are right -- they are closely related to and resemble llamas. Alpaca is known for its softness, warmth, sheen and durability. And, it is considered hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly.  Both the fiber and the way in which the alpacas are raised are less damaging to the environment than competing materials such as Cashmere. The fiber wears great and will not pill so your product will always look like new.

Considering making an order but want to feel the Alpaca first? 
No problem!  We can send you a small sample free of charge so you can actually feel the fiber. It is yours to keep. 

How do I care for my Mayu purchase?
We suggest dry cleaning Mayu products or washing them with Woolite or shampoo. If you choose to hand-wash them, lay them FLAT to dry. If at any point they become wrinkled, press them with a steam iron. If you are curious, the Peruvian ladies hand-wash all products with baby shampoo, which leaves them soft and smelling yummy. Watch Rosana washing Mayu accessories and Maria drying them.