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Sunday, November 18th, 2012

So here at Mayu we come across a lot of people who know nothing about alpaca fiber. They’ve never owned an alpaca scarf or hat before so it is our job to educate them on the benefits of alpaca wool so they purchase one of our hand-knit alpaca scarves or alpaca hats.

Obviously we can count on alpacas for  providing the most high-quality, resilient and luxurious fiber around, but  there is so much more to be learned about these charming creatures.

For example…

  • Ancient Incas realized the potential of alpaca fiber almost 6,000 years ago when they began domesticating them for their fleece. Because of the exquisite quality of garments woven with the fiber, it was reserved strictly for society’s elite.
  • The Incas weren’t alone in their love for alpacas- the number of alpaca farms in the U.S. and Canada has been growing steadily since the early 1980′s. A single herd was transported over in 1984, and today that herd has multiplied to include over 20,000 alpacas across North America.

To learn 10 things about alpaca that you surely didn’t know, click here. And, read here for a snapshot on alpaca fiber vs. cashmere vs. wool.

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Sunday, October 7th, 2012

On days like this, I get really excited and feel oh so super accomplished! Its often a great feat when a box of our alpaca scarves arrives in tact from Peru, especially when you consider what Mayu’s knitters have to go through to produce and send our hand-knit alpaca scarves and hats. The Peruvian post had been on strike for about 3 months so using that was definitely out of the question! As a result, I had to turn to the ultra-costly, but only-option, FedEx. But, there was still one problem. The town where Mayu’s knitters live was hosting its annual, week-long fiesta (party!) and the few buses going in and out of town refused to allow the knitters to load the large sacks of alpaca scarves into the bus because there just wasn’t room… 

So, what did that mean for us? Well, a 10-day delay in receiving our shipment and a few extra days that the knitters were trapped in their town without getting to take the 8-hour bus ride down to Lima to the FedEx office (yep, you heard that right, every time they send us a shipment, they have to travel 8-hours to Lima, which is quite a scary ride through the Peruvian Andes down through the coast). Alas, we received our boxes and our hand-knit winter accessories are in tip-top condition! Thanks to all involved and thanks to our customers for being patient.

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Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Our friends at Daily Candy recognize that Mayu is the best e-commerce shop for your winter accessory needs so they’ve mentioned us as a must-shop spot for one-of-a-kind, hand-knit alpaca scarves, hats and more. Check out the fabulous little profile featured on their Weekend Guide.  We are front and center and also scored the photo! Thanks Daily Candy…you’ve got great taste!

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Sunday, August 26th, 2012

The time has just about come to “officially” launch the NEW Mayu!  Of course the site is already live, but we haven’t made our announcement just yet. It is coming soon. Thanks to the whole team that has helped us make this change. First and foremost are our Peruvian knitters and our American designers, photographers, models, graphic designers, interns and more (yes, lots of moving parts).

Our re-branding has been in the works for the last couple of months and we are very excited to introduce you to our new “look” as well as the Fall collection, which now has scarves for women and men.  We received a lot of feedback that we just had to offer alpaca scarves and hats for all your favorite guys so we’ve listened and delivered. Check out our men’s winter scarves and hats.

The re-branding comes as an effort to better highlight the high-end, one-of-a-kind nature of  our Andean inspired luxury scarves and accessories, made of the purest alpaca fiber, authentically hand knit in Peru.If you’ve spent any time googling or shopping for alpaca scarves and hats, you most likely know that there isn’t much out there on-par with Mayu’s accessories. Most of the items are mass produced, machine made and not  actually made with pure alpaca fiber. Its just not the whole package…

Mayu’s scarves and hats are truly: 100% pure alpaca. 100% hand-knit. 100% peruvian. 100% good.

We’d love your comments or feedback on our new site and products and hope you like our new look. Please share our site on your social media networks!

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Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Its the time of year again for release of the Fair Trade Federation’s annual holiday gift guide! No more mulling over what you should buy for your family and friends who seem to have it all.

This year, choose a meaningful gift from the wide variety (and price points) of options in the guide. Mayu’s hand-knit alpaca flap hat and infinity scarf are mentioned in the guide. Thanks, Fair Trade Federation for including Mayu’s alpaca clothing and accessories.

See the Fair Trade Federation Holiday Gift Guide. 

OK, I’m headed off to work this morning. I’ve got on my alpaca fingerless gloves as well as my infinity scarf. I’m gonna be warm today!

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Sunday, September 25th, 2011

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Mayu Hand Knit Alpaca

September 24, 2011

Welcome Fall with a New Scarf or Hoodie!

My favorite time of year! Unfortunatley I’m not in Peru with Mayu’s artisans, but I’m in Chicago, anxiously awaiting the cool  weather.

Mayu’s alpaca scarves, hats, gloves, and hoodies, keep your accessorized, stylish and warm.

To the right, check out ourmelange hoodie, one of our most popular scarves, in kelly green and beige. I wear the green one and receive a compliment everytime I walk out the door. Its a unique gift idea too.

Not Convinced Yet? Learn More from our Product Videos.

I had some fun a few weeks ago and decided to show Mayu shoppers a bit more about our products.

The short videos for the following products are here:

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We do have a few items on SALE so check those out too. Buy soon, because we don’t have many leftt.

Meet our Peruvian Artisans & Learn More about our Business

There is lots of  information, videos, photos andmore on our site and blog to learn more about our ethically produced products. Our knitters and our supply chain! Read about them here. 

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Friday, March 25th, 2011

Recently, the New York Stock Exchange held a special event that Mayu feels is very important! Investors from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Hong Kong packed the Wall Street headquarters for “Peru Day”. Around 200 people attended from all parts of the world to learn more about the newest business opportunities in the country, which is expected to follow the success of Brazil and Chile, becoming one of the business centers in Latin America. Peru has come a long way since the roots of Mayu were founded back in 2003-2005 when I was in the Peace Corps. 

During the last decade, Peru has not only sustained stable growth, the countries economy is balanced due to variety of natural resources, policy makers have worked to develop investor friendly legal framework, and it has a fast growing middle class, opening new market opportunities.

Looking for a perspective country to invest your dollars (besides buying Mayu’s hand-knit alpaca scarves, alpaca hats, alpaca throws and more — all knit by Peruvians in the Andes Mountains)? – visit investment promotion agency Proinversion to learn why and how to investin Peru.

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Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Proud owner of a Mayu alpaca accessory? Or, maybe, you have purchased our products for your friends and family?  We’d love you to share your impressions using our new “disqus” function, which can be found on all of Mayu’s alpaca product pages.

Our hand-knit scarves and hats, shawls, wraps, and throws are ready to be reviewed and discussed! Please share…

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Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

The last couple of posts have been about Peru and our the latest going social, cultural and economic events going on in Mayu’s favorite country! If you missed the posts, check out the “PERU” category on our blog.

I’ve been a bit nostalgic for Peru over the last few days and started looking at my pictures from the Peace Corps (the reason Mayu was started) days and my recent trip down there a few months ago to work on our Fall 201o collection, which can be seen here. Some of the season’s highlights include the alpaca melange hoodie/scarf combo, fingerless alpaca gloves and alpaca flap hat.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few pictures of the Mayu family and of the women who are knitting our eco-friendly, fair trade alpaca winter wear. Here, in both of these pictures, they had just helped me on to the bus (with about 100 lbs. of alpaca accessories and clothing sold by Mayu) and we had just said goodbye, or “adios” and until the next time! Do you notice the plastic bags they are all carrying? Yup, those are unfinished Mayu alpaca clothes and accessories…

Did I mention FREE shipping until Valentine’s Day?

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Saturday, January 29th, 2011

When I joined the Peace Corps in Peru, I arrived to live with my host family and within minutes, I’d been served a steaming hot cup of tea. The flavor? Mate de Coca — it contained fresh, green coca leaves and tasted delicious. Mate de Coca was known to ward off altitude sickness (and, as you’ve seen, Mayu’s alpaca winter wear and ladies accessories are produced high in the Andes Mountains), stave of hunger for those without the financial means to overload on food and well, many other uses…
In addition to drinking the tea, many people choose to chew the leaves and this is common in both Peru and Bolivia.

Unfortunately, the international community is hoping to ban the use of  Coca chewing, probably because they are “drugs”? Hm. A couple days ago in La Paz, Bolivia, people came together to promote the chewing of coca leaves and industrialization outside of the U.S. Embassy in Bolivia —

A UN convention, reaffirmed in 2009, imposes a blanket prohibition on drugs, including even the traditional use of coca leaves by Andean communities for chewing and tea. Bolivia asked to lift the ban – though not restriction to grow coca for cocaine, however the US raised an objection. So, Bolivians went protesting against an international ban on the traditional practice, which is integral part also of life in the town where Mayu’s artisans live.

Wow, what would it be like to not drink coca tea in the cold evenings with our artisans while they knit our fair trade, eco-friendly, alpaca accessories such as hats, scarves, throws and more? Read more about the situation here on the BBC.

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