So here at Mayu we come across a lot of people who know nothing about alpaca fiber. They’ve never owned an alpaca scarf or hat before so it is our job to educate them on the benefits of alpaca wool so they purchase one of our hand-knit alpaca scarves or alpaca hats.

Obviously we can count on alpacas for  providing the most high-quality, resilient and luxurious fiber around, but  there is so much more to be learned about these charming creatures.

For example…

  • Ancient Incas realized the potential of alpaca fiber almost 6,000 years ago when they began domesticating them for their fleece. Because of the exquisite quality of garments woven with the fiber, it was reserved strictly for society’s elite.
  • The Incas weren’t alone in their love for alpacas- the number of alpaca farms in the U.S. and Canada has been growing steadily since the early 1980′s. A single herd was transported over in 1984, and today that herd has multiplied to include over 20,000 alpacas across North America.

To learn 10 things about alpaca that you surely didn’t know, click here. And, read here for a snapshot on alpaca fiber vs. cashmere vs. wool.

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