This much overdue, but wanted to share with readers some of the key differences between alpaca fiber and other fibers that consumers often confuse with alpaca — cashmere (which actually comes from a goat) and wool (from sheep). Mayu’s hand-knit alpaca scarves and hats are knit with pure Peruvian alpaca. Yup, the real deal — pure, luxurious alpaca!


the warmest

eco-friendly fiber; no lanolin oil so no harsh washing chemicals

eco-friendly animal;  grazing, digestion

hypoallergenic (if you are alergic to wool, you may not be alergic to alpaca)

high quality; it won’t pill, it will look new forever and it will last a lifetime

shiny, soft and snuggly

scarcity; our alpaca comes all the way from the Peruvian andes

wool (sheep)

less insulating so not as warm as alpaca

itchier and pricklier than alpaca

less durable than alpaca; it just might fall apart

lower quality than alpaca; it just might pill

cashmere (goat)

it is indeed soft  but…

known to pill, stretch, cling, wrinkle

contribute to ecological degradation

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