Welcome back to our Mayu Look Book series where we will continue to explore the Mayu collection, piece by piece.  Recently made a Mayu purchase?  Show us how you style your new alpaca accessories by sending us a photo – we will be sure to share it with the Mayu community (and that includes our artisans in Peru)!

Today we take a closer look at the Hand-Knit 100% Alpaca Cloche Hat. This fantastic, one-of-a-kind find is available in beige, black and gray. This classic, understated alpaca hat will last years and is a true wardrobe staple. Made of 4-ply yarn and sitting snugly on the head the 100% Alpaca Cloche Hat is thick enough for even the coldest winter days of Chicago! I promise, this hat = ultra warmth.

The star of the show-again, Horfila, our expert knitter was able to knit this item and furthermore trained her fellow artisans in producing an exact replica of the Cloche Hat. Hats to you Horfila! Also, take a peak at the design process by looking at Kate’s notes for the production of this item. It is hard to believe that her “less than adequate” notes turned into such a cool winter hat.

Did you know…the term Cloche actually means “Bell” in French. The Cloche Hat or the Bell Hat was very popular during the 1920′s and typically worn with the brim just above the eyes. And, in the late 20′s it became very popular to pin up one side of the Cloth Hat- just like we show on our Mayu model!  Fashionistas-pin up one side of the Alpaca Cloche Hat, pair with your favorite red lipstick and give a nod to the late 20′s. Get this look and fast by clicking  here!

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