Chelsea wearing her Fair Trade (no joke!) tee-shirt, thinking visionary thoughts.

It is a sad time as Chelsea, one of Mayu’s lovely interns, is nearly finishing her internship with Mayu. I asked Chelsea to write a little something about herself so I could share her story and shed some light into what goes on behind the scenes at Mayu. Cheslesa, as well as Mayu’s past interns, have been instrumental in shaping and developing Mayu! Thank you, Chelsea. We will miss you!

Hey everyone! Happy Labor Day! It’s not very often that I get to write a blog post entirely about myself! SCORE! (I wrote this post in advance, so I’m not actually WORKING on LABOR DAY, that would be ironic.)

What have I to say? I have been interning at Mayu since May, and I have gained valuable experience in online marketing / business development, and even honed my writing skills in the process. Which is GREAT, because I am currently writing my Thesis on Fair Trade & Indigenous Cultures for my Master’s program in International Development.

I first became interested in Fair Trade while working in different coffeehouses in and around Southeast Michigan. Most Americans automatically think “COFFEE” when the topic of Fair Trade is breached, however there are so many more fairly-traded products available to us. Mayu does a wonderful job in that it is not only eco-friendly, sustainable, and fashion-forward, but also pays its artisans a fair wage for their hard labor (as it should be!). I hope to work to make more Fair Trade items readily available in shopping malls and supermarkets in the future!

To me, Fair Trade is just common sense. People should be treated humanely and honestly, especially when all they are trying to accomplish is earning a living for themselves and their families, which should not be an entirely unfamiliar nor unassailable goal. The most common complaint I hear about Fair Trade is that it’s “so expensive”! Well, I unfailingly respond that we Americans are SPOILED, we get many commodities less expensively than the rest of the world, and oftentimes things that are cheaply-made do not last as long. I, for one, would rather buy a more expensive garment (maybe made of alpaca!) rather than a $5 Wal-Mart tee-shirt that will just rip and fall apart within a month. AND I am helping a bunch of people and the environment, to boot! Gosh-darn common sense, everyone.

Well, I am so excited to have had this opportunity at Mayu, soon I will be finishing up and moving on to other shores. Kate and I will be attending the Fair Trade Futures Conference this coming weekend, which is bound to be an amazing and memorable experience. I want to take a sec to thank Kate Robertson for this great opportunity, and for helping me launch my career in the Fair Trade sector.

My birthday is coming up later this month, and I will be turning a ripe old 24! You can come to my party if you want, the cover charge is that gorgeous Ruffle Scarf I’ve been eyeing lo’ these many months!

See you there (or maybe at Fair Trade Futures)!

<3 Chelsea

P.S. No that is not a nail in my nose, as my boyfriend likes to tease.


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