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mayu knitters

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Elivra, one of the most dedicated and hard-working of the
artisans - she is always there to lend a helping hand. 

Horfila, the "master" knitter. She always has the answer and
the solution to all knitting issues. 

Rosana, always knitting
with baby on back. 

Diana knitting the women's luxurious Llanpu Hoodie.

Sara knitting the fair trade Sisa Alpaca Scarf.

Rosana knitting a Manga Classic Alpaca Scarf  (her kitty is having a field day with the alpaca yarn).

Bercilia taking notes on the measures of the Killa Alapca Wrap.

Mari working on her favorite alpaca accessory, the  Kinti Alpaca Chullo Hat with 5 needles.

Maria doubling up the Alpaca fiber so she can knit an all naturals pure alpaca the Killa Alpaca Wrap.

Elvira knitting a Kallwa Alpaca Scarf as though she were a machine.

Horfila knitting the Watana Alpaca Scarf as she waits for her dinner to cook.