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Mayu: Hand-Knitted Fair Trade Alpaca Scarves, Shawls, Wraps

Andean inspired luxury scarves and accessories, made of the purest alpaca fiber, authentically hand knit in Peru.

The word “Mayu” meaning “river,” is derived from the common ancestral language of Quechua ( /kɛˈtʃəwə/), spoken predominantly by the indigenous peoples of the Andes. Mayu is also the nickname of some special Peruvians I encountered throughout my journey. 

When I first arrived in Peru with the Peace Corps, it was not with the intention of working with a knitting collective. In the isolated region high in the Andes mountains where I lived, the economic opportunities were limited. As my relationship with the women in the community evolved, I began to observe their incredible knitting skills.  Knitting was not considered a hobby. Knitting was life. 

Because of the nature of a small community, my knitting neighbors became business partners and friends.  I taught them basic business skills, and lessons grew more advanced over time. Meanwhile, they were teaching me to improve my Peruvian cooking and shared stories and motherly advice. I was invited into their homes and into their lives.   

Mayu is hand-knit, pure Peruvian alpaca goodness -one hundred percent. 

  • 100% PURE ALPACA--We mean it. Mayu knitters use ONLY high-quality, pure alpaca to create velvety-soft, hand-knit luxuries. Produced with a low-environmental impact, our alpaca is eco-friendly.
  • 100% HAND-KNIT--When we say “hand-knit” we mean made exclusively by women: two hands and a set of needles. Hand carved needles are commonly used in crafting the perfect piece.
  • 100% PERUVIAN--Our knitting collective is comprised of indigenous Peruvian women and our wool is sheared from alpaca raised on small farms throughout Peru. 
  • 100% GOOD--Founded on friendship and trust, Mayu's membership in the Fair Trade Federation demonstrates our commitment to the knitters and their Andean community.


Kate Robertson